Choosing a contractor for your epoxy floor coating project can be a difficult task. Along with the rise in popularity of decorative floor coating systems for residential applications has come a rise in the number of contractors offering the service. Our experience has shown many of these contractors don’t simply don’t have enough years under their belt to deliver a consistant quality floor time after time. This new breed of contractors, many of whom jumped into epoxy flooring to stay busy are also adding to confusion in the marketplace by providing a lot of misinformation especially at the point of sale. All claim to be using the most advanced products on the market. You know, products that go down with no problem every time and last forever under any condition.

With material suppliers egar to sell product and contractors short on work almost anything is told to the homeowner to close the sale. And while a contractor very well might be using excellent materials, nothing can make up for solid application experience especially when it comes to epoxy floor coating. Because application conditions vary and no two cement slabs react the same way, it is very much a science to put down a polymer floor with predictable results. When choosing a floor coating contractor ask questions while at the same time taking note of how the contractor presents himself and his company.

Good contractors will explain in detail and each and every step of the process as it relates specifically to your floor. A good contractor needs to gain your trust and does not do this by simply offering you the lowest price. In fact, it has been shown that good contrators usually come in somewhere in the middle on pricing by balancing out excellent products and services with efficient execution so that there companies continue to stay busy.

In the end, check references with the Better Business Bureau and certainly do online searches to find out as much as possible about the companies you are considering. Take a look at each contractors website and compare them. Take everything in to consideration, becasue a contractors who takes pride in his reputation and marketing presentation will take as much pride in the job he does in your home. Attention to detail is important, and while every floor coating contractor will tell you they worry about the details, looking at a contractor from many angles before making a decsion to hire will give you an idea in advance of how the job might turn out.

Garage floor coating is an art and a science, it takes years to understand all the nuances of delivering quality outcomes time after time. A garage epoxy floor coating system is a great way to add value and lifestyle enhancement to your home. But, remember, to dig deep when selecting a flooring contractor because while sample boards and photos will all look alike, what you really want is a floor that is as durable as it is beautiful and a contractor you can find if a problem ever does arise.

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