Every homeowner wants a great room, but few realize they already have one. While it may not be great yet, the garage can is most often the largest room in the house which makes it a wonderful canvas upon which a great room can be created. Most homeowners hate their garage, they pass thru it everyday

when they leave in the morning and return to it everyday when they arrive home. Since it’s the last room you see when you leave the home and the first you see when you return it is the room that creates the most lasting impression. When the garage is a messy, dirty, unorganized space filled with stuff, it’s easy to develop negative associations with the garage. Those negative association can grow knowing that guests often enter the home through the garage, Having been in the garage enhancement business for almost ten years I have experienced many people reaching that disorganized garage breaking point. It begins with a phone call where within the first thirty seconds the caller proclaims “I can’t stand my garage anymore, it’s a complete disaster and I need help.”

Once someone reaches the point of being appalled by this large room, I know they have begun to open their mind to the possibilities of how great this room can be. There is true benefit for a homeowner when the garage is redesigned of as an extension of the interior living space as opposed to a warehouse for cars and stuff. Approaching the garage from this prospective creates an excitement about the possibility of gaining living space and creating more order in one’s life for a relatively modest investment. For some just the thought of having a garage space that reflects the style of the rest of the home is enough to energize them through this project.

I believe garage organization is about both style and functionality. A complete garage renovation should create a space that is clean, neat and organized. Aesthetics are a key element because we want the garage interior to feel like an extension of the interior space. This promotes the sense that the garage is part of the home versus an outside space. Organization is the other key element because the garage is the storage area for so many items that play a big part of everyday life. Whether it be bikes, sports gear, hobby equipment and the like, the garage’s role is to storage them safe and securely while at the same time making them easily accessible.

The satisfaction of a complete a garage renovation can not be underestimated. Many home owners report it was one of the most gratifying home improvement they ever completed. I became involved in the garage enhancement business because one day several years ago I too got to the garage breaking point. Since then my garage has become a source of pride and a significant part of my families overall organization. We get compliments on our garage all the time, but nothing beats the feeling of pulling my car into a great room everyday.