My Mom turned 90 years young back in June of this year.  She stills live in the home we (Mom, Dad and four kids) grew up in.  The garage is small, just a one car space, that had – shall we say accumulated a lot of stuff over the years.

Below is a look at the garage before we started. Yes, there is a garage in their somewhere.

Well, my Mom decided it was time to start parking her car back in the garage, and yes, she still drives. So, she called me one day and said I want to use your services! My only request was that she consider saying good bye to at least some of her stuff. She agreed and the rest is history. My Mom now has a beautifully organized garage space and she could not be more proud of, especially when showing it off to all her neighbors and friends.

I was happy to help and cannot wait to see the car parked back in the garage this winter. Please give us a call if you want a garage like my Mom’s. EncoreGarage is located in Chicago and several other cities throughout the US. We can be reached at 877-303-7116 or found on the web at

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